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"Men of genius are admired. Men of wealth are envied. Men of power are feared,
but only men of character are trusted."
Arthur Friedman

Main elements of the Sizanani system:

Bulk Transport,
Full and Less than Truck Load,
Local Distribution,
Import / Exports,
Fleet Management,

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Latest loads on the road:

order datevehicle typecommoditycollectiondeliveryunits
2021/12/02 8:07:26 AM DROPSIDE Kynitro 32 Plus Endicott, , Za Fs, Za 30 To
2021/12/02 8:06:13 AM SUPERLINK FD Ammonium Sulphate(21) Granular 1ton 0, 0, South Africa 0, South Africa 36 Tn
2021/12/02 7:55:57 AM TIPPER 10 - Wheat Local Rsa Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa Gauteng, South Africa 33 Tons
2021/12/02 7:47:53 AM DROPSIDE 3.2.1(22) + 0.25% Zn +te Clear Liquid Endicott, , Za Fs, Za 21 To
2021/12/02 7:47:52 AM DROPSIDE 2.3.4(18)+0.25%zn+1.5%s Clear Liquid Endicott, , Za Fs, Za 12.8 To

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